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Permanent Magnet

Sematic Magnet is a professional magnet manufacturer. We are engaged in research, designing, developing and fabricating all kinds of Permanent Magnetic Separators, Industrial Permanent Magnetic Products, Magnetic Tools, Electromagnet, Magnet Material and other related magnetic equipment.

We supply standard and custom-made Permanent Magnetic Separators for the beverage, food, personal care, pharmaceutical and many other industries to attract and remove fine iron particles from a liquid or dry processing lines.

Our qualified Engineering staff,  Technical team and R&D department are ready to provide the technical assistance. We design and custom-made Permanent Magnetic Separator units to fit our customer requirements and solve iron particles contamination problems in processing line – from raw material processing to the finished product.

We are specialized in designing Permanent Magnetic Separator which is safe to use in Food processing industries. Meaning to say, our Permanent Magnetic Separators are complied to HACCP / GMP / ISO 9000 Standard.

Our new design of separators are more powerful and more effective in attracting fine iron particles.

We have a big variety of  Permanent  Magnetic Separators with different design and sizes.

Our magnets are available in standard, stainless steel and food grade.

Contact us with complete application details for assistance in selecting the proper magnets.

Repair and maintenance facilities are also provided by Sematic Magnet. We Repair all types of Permanent Magnetic Separators.

Vibrating Equipment

Sematic Magnet supply a wide range of Industrial Vibration Products.

We supply Rotary Electrical Vibrator, Rotary Pneumatic Vibrator and Vibrating Screen to solve a variety of material handling problems in Feeding, Separation, Compacting & Screening in the chemical, food, packaging and pharmaceutical industry.



If you are unable to find the product you need or if you require special product, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our design team can produce special magnetic equipment to suit your requirements.



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