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Magnetic Cartridges / Magnetic Rods / Magnetic Bars

  • Fully sealed, welded and polished food quality
  • Available at different Magnetic strenghts to remove coarse, fine, micron sized ferrous and paramagnetic contamination
  • Guarantee on magnetic performance
  • Supply with test certificates
Vibra Permanent Magnetic Round Rods and Square Bars are extremely efficient for removing fine iron contamination from free flowing products such as granular, liquids and slurries. Individual round rods and square bars allow you to design and construct your own magnetic separators or liquid traps for applications where unusual spacing or special magnet configurations are required. Pre-engineered grate magnets install easily to add protection in hoppers, pits, chutes, housing and bins. Both end of the magnetic round rods and square bars are completely sealed by utilising and elaborate welding process and polished food quality. Tapped mounting holes at each end for easy installation and clean are supply upon request.
The strength and effectiveness of permanent magnetic round rods and square bars has been greatly increased with the development of High-Energy Rare    Earth magnets material or Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB).  Proper designed of Rare Earth Magnetic Round Rods and Square Bars can provide over 30 times the pull force of Ceramic Magnet designs. But much confusion still remains as how to evaluate and compare the magnetic strength performance.
The geometry of the magnets, pole spacing and the strength of magnetic pole determine the strength of the magnetic field for a particular magnet type and grade.
Select Ceramic, Alnico or Rare Earth Magnets Material
Although there are many similarities in how rare earth and ceramic magnetic round rods and square bars function, their application is quite different.  You can order Vibra Permanent Magnetic Round Rods and Square Bars with standard Ceramic Magnets, temperature-resistant Alnico Magnets or powerful  Rare Earth magnets which best for  your applications.
  • Ceramic Magnets are the standard material used in our separation equipment and the right choice for most field that captures and holds both large and medium ferrous objects and debris.
  •  Alnico Magnets are naturally heat-resistant and can handle high temperature applications as high as 500 degree C. Alnico’s magnetic energy and separation capabilities are similar to Ceramic Magnets.
  • Rare Earth Magnets or Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeb) provide the extra magnetic energy required to capture extremely fine or weakly magnetic contaminants and can handle high flow rates and dense materials. Vibra Rare Earth Magnets have a raw energy product up to 10 ~ 30 times greater than Ceramic Magnets.